Florence and Isaac Continue

Florence and Isaac 1330 09sep18


Hurricane hunters have verified, Florence is, once again, a hurricane. At 11, hurricane hunter aircraft flew through the eye of Florence and confirmed winds of 70kts, making Florence a hurricane, once more.

92L Models Uncertain as to Path

Models this morning are uncertain as to the path of 92L, in the Atlantic. Some show 92L entering the Caribbean, while others show it turning north, back into the Atlantic. Long-term Euro models show a well developed storm, while the GFS shows it breaking up close to Mexico. Keep in mind, these are long-term models and the uncertainty factor is quite high.

Tropical Wave 92L Continues to Develop

Another tropical wave has formed in the eastern Atlantic and conditions are ripe for it to move west, possibly into the Caribbean. Although it's too early to be certain, some models show it moving over Puerto Rico, some show it moving over the Antilles and into the Gulf of Mexico, while still others show it turning into the open Atlantic. A few more days will be more revealing as to the outcome. Stay tuned...

Euro Predicts Florence to Thrash the East Coast

Long term models aren't always reliable, but, for the second run, the Euro is now threatening to thrash the east coast of the US with predicted winds in excess of 80 knots or 90+ mph. Stay tuned to see if these models come to fruition. 

TD Gordon Rainfall Totals over Next 24hrs

Although Gordon has been downgraded to a Tropical Depression, it continues to move inland, dropping its collected rain water, as it goes. Currently, NOAA estimates up to 5 inches, in some areas.

After Gordon, Attention Turns Back to Atlantic

Gordon continues to weaken, this morning, dropping heavy rains across North Eastern Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. As Gordon winds down, it will be replaced by less humid air, but the season may not be over, some of the models show development in the warm waters of the Atlantic.