Tornado Safety

Huge, EF5 tornadoes can level homes to the slab, even interior rooms. These large tornadoes are quite rare, however. The majority of tornadoes are smaller, EF1 or EF2 tornadoes, which still cause damage, but are much more survivable, especially if you have a plan.

Tornado Possibilities Very High 17 April

According to NOAA, tornado possibilities are very high on April 17, 2019, for some parts of the country. This is based to statistical data , gathered since the 1980's. Oklahoma and north east Texas, are ranked the highest for tornado development, according to the map, with danger zones extending all the way to the eastern seaboard.

2019 Hurricane Season Early Prediction

2019 Hurricane Season Early Prediction

There is no denying it. If you live along the south east coast of the U.S. you'd better be ready for a hurricane. With major hurricanes rocking multiple states, last year, we are holding our breath to see what this year brings. There is no doubt that non-profit groups are gearing up, collecting supplies and volunteers, with governments changing building codes and implementing training procedures, but what does mother nature have in store for us?