Tornado Possibilities Very High 17 April

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According to NOAA, tornado possibilities are very high on April 17, 2019, for some parts of the country. This is based to statistical data , gathered since the 1980's. Oklahoma and north east Texas, are ranked the highest for tornado development, according to the map, with danger zones extending all the way to the eastern seaboard.

Last weekend we saw tornadoes move through Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi at over 50 mph. We can't stress enough that you have a plan ready, in the event of a tornado. At these speeds, by the time you see the funnel, it may be too late. Remember, stay away from windows. Shelter in the innermost room of your home. If you shelter in a bathtub, cover yourself with heavy blankets, to prevent glass and debris from falling on you. Protect your cell phone, in the event you are trapped; you may be able to use it to call rescuers. 

Stay safe and tune in to your local weather stations, emergency radio channels or local social media weather pages. In the event you don't have local TV, stations often broadcast live on social media.

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