Tornado Safety

Huge, EF5 tornadoes can level homes to the slab, even interior rooms. These large tornadoes are quite rare, however. The majority of tornadoes are smaller, EF1 or EF2 tornadoes, which still cause damage, but are much more survivable, especially if you have a plan.

Food to Stockpile for a Hurricane

During a natural disaster, keeping your body going is not going to be the same as your everyday diet. Due to the lack of electricity and obstructed roads, supermarkets will either be closed, out of supplies or not reachable, so your food will be limited. Keeping these factors in mind, you will want to eat higher quality foods, that will keep you fueled up longer. Foods include sources of high energy and high protein, avoiding things like ramen and sugar. Keep a simple rule in mind, garbage in, garbage out.