Feed Arkansas

Triton is preparing to make a trip to help the flood victims in Arkansas. 

We need your help. Please donate supplies, to make it possible for Triton to continue helping flood victims. You can help by using our Amazon wish list (here). Some supplies we need include coolers, prep tables, cleaning supplies paper towels and more. If you would rather donate monetarily, please visit tritonrelief.org/donate and choose the PayPal option. Thank you!

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Triton Relief Group is a Federally Registered 501(c)(3). All donations are tax deductible.

High grade coolers will allow us to keep food cold for days at a time. We can transport cold goods from normal areas to disaster zones. When we begin servicing victims, we can stay longer, with high-grade coolers. Because Triton is here for the long-run, we need supplies that last, not the flimsy, big box store coolers. The more high-grade coolers we get, the more people we can feed, for longer.

Often, when we arrive at a location, there are very few surfaces that are clean enough to prepare food on. We are asking for the donation of foldable food prep tables. These tables include a sink, for washing utensils, pots, pans and food. 

Cleaning supplies are one of the most in-demand items, in a disaster. We're asking for the donation of dish soap and bleach, to help us keep our surfaces and cooking materials clean.

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