Residents Already Flooding, before Morganza

The Morganza spillway is scheduled to open June 2, but some residents are already flooding.

Normal flow from the old control structure, north of the Morganza spillway, near Simmesport, is alread causing some residents problems. As of May 29, the old control structure is diverting about 580,000 cubic feet of water, per second, into the Atchafalaya floodway. This has caused residents in Pierre Part and other areas to flood.

One resident, Florian Meterjean already has an inch of water in his home. He lives with his elderly  mother and niece, both of which require special care. He has about an inch of water in his house, his floors are ruined and mold has started forming. 

"It's been a nightmare, it's really been a nightmare," Metrejean said.

Many residents have already started using sandbags, in an attempt to hold back the encroaching water, but the approaching flood is  inevitable. Two feet of water blocks some roadways, trapping people inside and limiting travel to boats and high-water vehicles.

We have to sacrifice going to the store every once in a while," Metrejean said. "We have no place to go."

Metrejean has made himself a sidewalk of sandbags. He puts his hope in the barge being prepared at Bayou Chene, which should stop backflow flooding. 

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