We have a huge store of experience and wisdom.

No one should be left to suffer after a disaster. We have donated thousands of man-hours to ensuring the safety, revitalization and recovery of communities.

Triton relief group had a large presence in Texas in 2017, participating in hurricane Harvey evacuation and rescues throughout Houston and the Golden Triangle area, including Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange, as well as transporting emergency medical supplies, and participating in the resulting cleanup.

Triton works hand in hand with Trach Mommas, supporting the disabled and elderly community, transporting medical supplies individuals required to keep them alive and well during emergency evacuation and disaster events. Triton has also held food pantry and clothing drives in local communities that were affected by the 2016 Louisiana floods, in addition to providing rescue and evacuation support during the flooding. We also work closely with The Bowfishing Association of America, providing rescue operations for communities inundated with floodwaters. Triton has participated in fundraising programs, including working with several local animal rescues supplying food and fostering animals, as well as participating in animal rescues and emergency animal transport.

The above are just a few examples of how Triton has assisted local communities. It is our goal and our mission to continue assisting those in need.

To our volunteers, we offer the ability to increase their knowledge and training, build teamwork skills, make new connections, earn federal certifications in emergency management and, most importantly, help those in need. 

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