our vision

We provide rescue and relief to everyone.

Triton Relief Group has morphed from rescue to providing relief efforts, delivering food, water, medicine and much more.

Since its infancy we have been dedicated to providing Rescue Services to those in need, during times of natural disasters. Working closely with other organizations, local and state  governments, as well as innumerable individuals, Triton Relief Group has developed into a full rescue, relief and charitable organization. Triton has grown from a simple group of boaters to a network of nation-wide volunteers. We provide hands-on training in multiple software platforms, mobile applications, Social Media outreach, sales, community organization and much more. In addition, our relief operations have delivered thousands of gallons of water and hundreds of pounds of fresh-cooked, hot meals to communities. We continue to develop ourselves and look forward to expanding our mission. If you share the same goals, outreach, cooperation and charity, we are glad to work with you. Whether you are an adrenaline seeking, airboat-driving boater or a friendly, down-to-earth, people-person, contact us today to claim your place on our team.